Player Information

Eligible players are those whose names appear on the team’s roster at tournament check-in and are registered through the state association. Each player must have the proper player pass and medical release form. Players may not play for more than one team in the tournament. The team roster will be frozen on Wednesday, December 2   , 2020 at check in prior to that start of the team’s first game.


Once a player is released from the tournament to play another event, they may not continue to play in the tournament.


Dual roster players; if a player is identified as being on the roster for more than one team, the player may be removed from the tournament.

Loan players are defined as players not registered in the same club as the participating team. Loan players must be registered with the same association as the participating team. Rosters are allowed 3 (7v7) ,4 (9v9) ,5 (11v11) loan players with the proper documentation with the approval of the tournament committee.


Roster size are as followed:


Age Group: U9/U10

Format: 7v7

Roster size: 12 Maximum


Age Group: U11/U12

Format: 9v9

Roster size: 16 Maximum


Age Group: U13/U14/U15

Format: 11v11

Roster size: 22 Maximum with 18 dressed for a game