March Madness: Read all info




The Southern Arizona Cardinal Soccer Club (SACSC) invites you to take part in 3rd annual March SACSC Madness Soccer Tournament. The tournament will take place in beautiful Tucson, Arizona.


The tournament will consist of a 16 (sixteen) , 8 (eight) or 4 (four) team bracket with single game elimination. The first round will consist of 16 (sixteen) teams, the winners of the first round will advance to the quarter finals and semifinals, leading to the championship game. There will be only one undefeated champion. However, each team will be guaranteed 3 (three) games regardless of the results.


Registration for the tournament will open June 4th  , 2020 and will remain open until there are sixteen teams registered for each age group or until November 22, 2020, whichever should occur first.


Tournament fees can be submitted via check only 


Stay and Play for the March SACSC Madness Soccer Tournament will not be required this year.



U8 - $200

U9 - $425

U10 - $450

U11 -  $475

U12 - $500

U13 - $525

U14 - $550

U15 - $575

U16,U17 - $600




All games will be played under the FIFA rules, as modified by the US Club Soccer/USYSA/AYSA, unless otherwise stated herein. The tournament director or designated member or members of the Discipline and Rules Committee will settle all disputes. See your site Field Marshal for contact information. Tournament rules may be modified under extraordinary circumstances as deemed necessary by the tournament director or designee. No protests will be accepted or considered.


Any questions regarding the rules of the tournament or challenges concerning the eligibility of a player should be addressed to the tournament director at the tournament headquarters prior to the beginning of the game.



In town teams will be required to check in on Wednesday   December 2,2020 6pm -9pm

Location: Jorges Auto Shop 1732 S. Park Ave ,Tucson, Arizona 85713


Out of town teams will be required to check in 1 (one) hour prior to their first tournament game.

Location: Golf links Sports Complex, 2400 South Craycroft Road, Tucson, Arizona 85711


GAME CHECK IN:             

Teams must arrive 30 (thirty) minutes prior to the scheduled start of their game and report to the Field Marshal for check-in. Player cards and equipment will be checked by the Field Marshals prior to the start of each game. Game cards must be completed by both teams at check-in. Each player must have a Medical Release form completed and are required to wear their shin guards at check-in for their game. All rules are governed by the 2017/2018 FIFA Laws of the Game (LOTG).


A special marker will be attached to all player cards at the tournament check-in. If this tie is removed, cut or destroyed in any way, your team will NOT be allowed to continue to play in the tournament. The team will be given a forfeit with a recorded score of 3-0 in favor of the opponent. 


PLAYER INFORMATION:               

Eligible players are those whose names appear on the team’s roster at tournament check-in and are registered through the state association. Each player must have the proper player pass and medical release form. Players may not play for more than one team in the tournament. The team roster will be frozen on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 at check in prior to that start of the team’s first game.


Once a player is released from the tournament to play another event, they may not continue to play in the tournament.


Dual roster players; if a player is identified as being on the roster for more than one team, the player may be removed from the tournament.

Loan players are defined as players not registered in the same club as the participating team. Loan players must be registered with the same association as the participating team. Rosters are allowed 3(7v7) ,4 (9v9) , 5 (11v11)  loan players with the proper documentation with the approval of the tournament committee.


Roster size are as followed:


Age Group: U9/U10

Format: 7v7

Roster size: 12 Maximum


Age Group: U11/U12

Format: 9v9

Roster size: 16 Maximum


Age Group: U13/U14/U15

Format: 11v11

Roster size: 22 Maximum with 18 dressed for a game



All games shall be played in accordance with 2017/2018 FIFA LAWS of the GAME (LOTG) except as specifically modified by these rules. The referee’s decision will be the final with no protest accepted from the referee’s interpretation of the rules of the game.


The home team will be the higher seeded team and will be required to wear a light color uniform. In the event of a uniform conflict, the home team will be required to change their jerseys. The tournament will supply the game balls. The home team will select the side from which they wish to attack from. The visitor (lower seed) team will kick-off in the 1st half.


Seating in all games, both players and coaches will be on one side of the field and all spectators on the other. The home team will be on the north or east side of the half. The away team will be on the south side or west side of the half. Spectators should be seated between the coaching box, defined as an area approximately 10 (ten) yards to each side of the center line and the goal box and at least 2 (two) yards

back from the side touch line allowing AR room to move. No one is allowed to sit behind the goal. Both teams are responsible for cleaning the sidelines.



All players are required to wear shin guards under socks and approved soccer cleats; no toe cleats. All players must wear a numbered uniforms with no duplicated numbers on a team. The minimum size for the number is 6 (six) inches and is too displayed on the back of the player’s jersey. The player’s uniform numbers must coincide with the team roster. Eyeglass restrains are required. No jewelry may be worn in competition or metal hair accessories. No hard casts are permitted, however, a soft cast with a doctor’s release and approval from the referee or tournament official may be accepted. Splints with proper wrapping and approval from the referee may be allowed.


Approved ball sizes are listed below, balls will be provided by the tournament. In brackets where U8/ U9 teams are combined a size 4 ball will be used.


Age Group: U9/U10/U11/U12

Ball Size: 4

Age Group: U13/U14/U15

Ball Size: 5


PLAYING TIMES: Each team is guaranteed a minimum of three (3) games in the tournament


U14 and up will play 2 (two), 35 (thirty five) minute halves      

U13 will play 2 (two), 30 (thirty) minutes halves

U11/12 will play 2 (two), 25 (twenty five) minute halves

U9/10 will play 2 (two), 25 (twenty five) minute halves


Half time breaks will be exactly 5 (five) minutes in length.


During each game a running clock will be used. During preliminary matches, time will not be extended except for a serious injury of a player.

POINTS: No points will be awarded as the tournament is single game elimination. Advancement of games is based on the teams win.

TIE BREAKERS: There will be no tie breakers as each game will have a winner.

OVERTIME: Games that result in a tie will be determined by taking penalty kicks according to 2018/2019 FIFA rules.


Championship and 3rd (third) place games will have the overtime golden goal rule implemented, which will include 2 (two), 7.5 (seven in a half) minute long halves. If the overtime clock expires and there is no winner, the game will move to penalty kicks.


PENALTIES: Home team (higher seed) kicks first on the away team (lower seed) goal. Only players on the field can participate which will consist of 5 (five) per team, if the game remains tied then sudden death penalties one per team will be played.



U9/U10: Games will be played 7v7, including a goalkeeper, there will be 1 (one) referee and no assistant referee. Each team must have a minimum of 5 (five) players to start and play the game. The opposing team has to be past the build out line when any keeper delivery occurs and on a goal kick restart. No intentional heading of the ball is allowed. Referees will restart play with an indirect free kick (IDFK) on a heading violation. All other rules conform to the LOTG, including offside.


U11/U12: Games will be played 9v9, including a goalkeeper, playing on age appropriate fields. Teams must have a minimum of 6 (six) players to start and play the game. No intentional heading of the ball is allowed on U11 games, but players on U12 games may head the ball. All other rules conform to the LOTG, including offside.


Substitutions are allowed with the referee’s approval at the following times: you’re throw-in, any goal kick, after a goal, on an injury, and to substitute for a player that receives a yellow card.


FORFEITURES: Teams failing to report ready to play within 10 (ten) minutes of the scheduled kick-off time will forfeit the game (3-0). If both teams fail to report on time, both teams will be assessed losses. Any team forfeiting a game will be referred to their State Association.


RED CARDS: Players and/or coaches receiving a red card will be ejected from the game and will not participate in the next scheduled game, at a minimum. The player/coach pass will be held at the tournament headquarters until the player/coach is eligible to play/coach again. In addition, Home Leagues and State Associations may be advised of the offense.


PLAYER CARDS: Team Officials need to pick up their player passes after each game from the Field Marshal Tent.





We request your assistance in keeping yourself, your team and sidelines in compliance so the referees do not have to stop the game during play.


After the game starts, if a referee hears dissent or verbal insults from the sideline about the referee or his/her assistant referees, the game will be stopped. The coach will be called to the touchline and will receive a verbal warning. Please convey the consequences of further dissent/abusive comments to your sidelines at this time. If further dissent or referee abuse occurs, the offending individual(s) will be required to leave the field. Your cooperation in helping the referee to remove the offender(s) is expected. The game will continue after the ejection, but only if the sideline can remain in control. Following the ejection of any individual from your sidelines, any continued dissent or verbally abusive comments will end the game immediately and the offending team will be given a forfeit with a recorded score of 3-0 in favor of the opponent. It is extremely important that you convey this information to everyone on your sidelines.


If the offending behavior comes from a player on the field, referees will use their red and yellow cards as usual. The process described above is only for controlling the sideline.


It is your responsibility to make sure you provide us with your local phone number and hotel room number at check-in, in case we need to contact you for any reason.

A special marker will be attached to all player cards at the tournament check-in. If this tie is removed, cut or destroyed in any way, your team will NOT be allowed or continue to play in the tournament. The team will be given a forfeit with a recorded score of 3-0 in favor of the opponent.



  1. the event of inclement weather, the tournament director will make a final decision that will complete the tournament safely and fairly. Matches will be played in all weather conditions, unless the City of Tucson, Pima County Park and Recreation, the tournament director or their designee determines that conditions are dangerous and/or life threatening as per FIFA/USYSA/AYSA regulations or may cause severe damage to the fields. The tournament committee will do due diligence to continue play, the tournament committee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules to fairly and safely complete the tournament. The health and safety of the players is the first priority.


The following modified plan will be put into practice if there is an unexpected termination of play:



  • Match game time will be set back the number of time slots required
  • Games will be shortened as advised by the tournament officials
  • Reduce scheduled duration of second round matches as first round matches
  • Reduce scheduled duration of third round matches as first round matches
  • In the event the field conditions or other disruptions forcing play to be halted and preventing the match from completing during the scheduled time, the score shall stand if at least one-half of the match has been completed. If the match is not one-half complete, the winner will be decided by penalty kicks conducted in accordance with Arizona Youth Soccer Association (AYSA) rules. The penalty kick competition may be held at a different time and location as determined by the tournament director if conditions prevent further play at the original site of the match.
  • If the match is not played to completion and subsequently decided by penalty kicks, the winning team will be awarded a 1-0 win tournament scoring policy.
  • Tournament start time will be set back the number of time slots required. Shorten all first round matches to U9/U10 15 (fifteen) minute halves, U11/U12 15 (fifteen) minute halves, U13, 20 (twenty) minute halves, U14 and up 25 (twenty-five)minute halves. Plus shorten all second round matches the same as plus shorten all third round matches the same In the event the fields become totally unplayable or the weather becomes a safety risk, it may be necessary to decide some matches with FIFA penalty kicks or cancel the tournament play and send the teams home. Tournament placement will be determined by standings at the time the tournament is stopped.


The tournament committee, the coaches of the host teams, or sponsors of any of the tournament activities shall not be held responsible for expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is cancelled in whole or in part.